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Women have played a huge role in the history of public transit in the United States and continue to shape national policy and lead local public transit agencies. From Sarah B. Owens, the first black female bus operator for DC Transit in 1967, to more recent pioneers like Sharon Cooney, who was recently appointed in 2020 as the first woman CEO in the local transit agency’s history.

A cracked black and white photo of Sarah B. Owens on the left from the 60s and a color photo of Sharon Cooney on the right

Sarah B. Ownen (left) and Sharon Cooney (right).


To celebrate Women’s History Month at PSTA, we spoke with some amazing women who make our agency the incredible, efficient, and award-winning transit authority we know and love!


Tameka Hubbard, Interim Transportation Supervisor & Bus Operator

Growing up, Tameka didn’t take public transit. Like so many others, she saw buses as an option mainly for those without a vehicle. However, her perspective changed when she began riding PSTA in her late teens. Once she had kids but no vehicle of her own, taking the bus became a godsend for getting to work, running errands, and everything in between.


Tameka’s arrival in the transit world is a bit more recent. In 2021, she decided to join PSTA as a bus operator and will have been with the agency for three years this coming September. What initially drew her to the position was the flexibility such a career would provide her. She wanted to do what was best for her kids and craved a schedule that would allow her to still be a huge part of their lives.

Photo of Tameka Hubbard wearing a blue PSTA polo shirt

Tameka Hubbard

During her time as a bus operator, Tameka realized she loved driving a bus and the freedom is gave her. Rather than being cramped in an office and feeling closed in, she gets to see the city she loves from the very unique perspective of driving a bus. Each time she drives, she sees places she’s never noticed before—a new restaurant to try out on her day off, a new business to support, a hidden gem to explore. Not only does she enjoy the freedom of driving a bus, but she also loves getting to help people travel to work, school, doctor appointments, hangouts with friends, and more, just as she did when she began riding PSTA.


In her time at PSTA, Tameka has been working her way towards becoming a transportation supervisor, the next milestone in her career in public transit. She now holds the title of Interim Transportation Supervisor, an impressive feat in her first three years!


For Tameka, her favorite part of working in transit, other than the freedom and opportunities to help the community, is the people she works with. “I love my team. It really is like a family environment where we have each other’s backs,” she says with a smile.


We asked Tameka for her perspective on women in transit and she had this to say: “Even though transit has been male-dominated in the past, I’m seeing more women choosing to work in transit each day. I’m seeing more women in positions that have been held by men in the past, so that’s really inspiring. Women are making moves!”


Tiara Holmes, Front Desk Receptionist

Tiara is no stranger to the bus, especially PSTA. Growing up in St. Petersburg, Tiara and her family regularly took the bus, and Tiara herself rode PSTA until graduating from high school. Like many others, she fell into transit by accident as she was looking for a good, stable job after the grind of working in retail. Tiara began working at PSTA in 2018, six years ago now, and she’s never looked back.


One of the first things that surprised her upon starting was learning that PSTA’s service extended to north county cities like Clearwater, Palm Harbor, and Tarpon Springs. As a St. Pete local, she figured most of PSTA’s services were concentrated in south county. As she fell into the rhythm of working in transit, she began to take great pride in helping others.

Photo of Tiara Holmes
Tiara Holmes

“One of my favorite things about working in transit is helping riders relocate their lost items,” Tiara says. “People will lose their wallets, phones, and other valuables on the bus—seeing their happiness when those things are returned is amazing. It shows riders that we care and that there are still good people in the world who want to do the right thing.”


Tiara takes great pride in not only reuniting people with their lost things but also helping them better understand PSTA’s services and programs. Providing great customer service is her number one goal as the first face people see when they walk into PSTA’s headquarters.


When it comes to her perspective on women in transit, Tiara is especially excited to see more female bus operators taking on a role that has historically been more commonly staffed by men. She is excited to see more women in these types of roles within transit and looks forward to seeing that diversity continue to grow and improve.


Although she didn’t plan to work in transit, Tiara says she’s eager to continue growing her career within the industry. She’s currently working on developing a career in the Human Resources department so she can help her fellow employees at PSTA—and we can’t wait to see her flourish!

Heather Sobush, Director of Planning 

Heather, like many, grew up in an area that didn’t have public transit. In the quiet suburbs of Ponte Vedra Beach, nestled between Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida, Heather wouldn’t be exposed to public transit systems until after obtaining her Masters in Business from the University of South Florida. 


Her first foray into transit would be through the graduate assistantship she applied for after completing her Master's coursework, where she worked for the Center for Urban Transit Research (CUTR). What began as simply a desire to find a good job out of college, Heather found herself immersed in her work with the research center as a transportation management associate (TMA), helping large businesses in the area with mobility for their employees through various transit options.


Fully graduated and ready to officially begin her career, Heather was offered a full-time position with CUTR as a Research Associate. She deeply enjoyed the work she did and, after a few years, decided to look for transit work a bit closer to home in Pinellas County. Heather next worked for the Pinellas County Metropolitan Planning Organization (also known as Forward Pinellas), working on planning for local transit and transportation disadvantaged. Her work brought her to PSTA board meetings and had her coordinating with PSTA staff, so it’s no surprise that in 2013, as PSTA was building its in-house planning department, Heather officially joined PSTA staff amidst the Green Light Pinellas referendum.

Photo of three people at the SunRunner grand opening holding the sign "Beach, please." Left to right: Cassandra Borchers, Brad Miller, and Heather Sobush

Heather Sobush pictured on the right.


Unsurprisingly, Heather’s favorite part of working in transit is helping to improve the community for a better future. While transit may have been a male-dominated industry in its early days, that has certainly changed. 

“Transit becomes more and more diverse each year. Even PSTA itself is extremely diverse in so many ways,” Heather shares.


And for other women who are interested in working in transit, Heather says the door is wide open.


“There is no degree for working in transit, although degrees like urban planning can be really helpful,” she says. “If you’re interested in helping drive progress for your community, transit might be for you! And there’s so many different ways to enter the industry now.”


Although Heather hadn’t planned to work in transit from the start, transit certainly had plans for her, and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Gina Driscoll, Council Member City of St. Petersburg & PSTA Board of Directors Chairperson

Similarly to Heather, Gina grew up in the small town of Dade City with few public transit options. Like so many others, her first thoughts of transit were that it was only for people who didn’t have a car. Of course, her view has evolved drastically since then.


Gina’s first step into the transit world was through her position on the St. Petersburg City Council representing District 6, which includes downtown St. Petersburg, Tropicana Field, the EDGE District, the Innovation District, parts of South St. Petersburg, and miles of coastal neighborhoods. 


During her start on city council, the City of St. Petersburg was launching its bike share program, which would bolster and support local transit by providing first and last-mile options that connected to the bus and trolley systems. Through that project, she quickly realized that she represented a district that heavily relied on the bus, whether for work, school, and errands or for choice riders who navigated downtown with the Downtown Looper and Central Avenue Trolley


With so many opportunities for better transit in her district, it became clear to Gina that strengthening and collaborating with local public transit was essential. And, most importantly, Gina Driscoll wanted to be on the front lines of that pursuit!

Photo of Gina Driscoll hugging Geneva Gibbs and presenting her with an award for being the one-millionth SunRunner rider

Gina honoring the SunRunner’s one-millionth rider, Geneva Gibbs.

Now during her second term as a City Council member, Gina serves as the chairperson for PSTA’s Board of Directors, allowing her to be intimately involved in collaboration with PSTA. Through her position on PSTA’s Board, Gina helps provide direction to PSTA staff on operational matters, emergency items, and items that will eventually come before the entire Board.


When asked about more women entering the transit space, Gina says, “There’s still a perception that transit is male-dominated, and in some ways it still is, but we’re seeing more and more women rolling up their sleeves. We have more women as operators, technicians, transportation planners, and in leadership positions. It’s encouraging, and I love that we have this representation at PSTA that shows younger women who are thinking about different career options that they can have a great future in transit.” 


And for women who are thinking about seeking careers in transit?


“Seek out those women who are making a difference in transit,” Gina recommends, “Call or email them, ask to meet for coffee, and just talk about their experience, how they got into it, and what they love about it. See them as mentors as you explore options for careers in transit.”


It’s clear that Gina takes the improvement and support of public transit extremely seriously and with contagious zeal. And she knows exactly the right words to say to inspire a generation of women to get involved:


“Great cities have great transit. When you look at those great cities with successful, robust transit, you will always find there are women who are making it happen.”


The Future of Women in Transit

It probably goes without saying that the transit world will continue to grow in its diversity and inclusion. In fact, those two words are a big part of PSTA’s Missions Statement and efforts for better Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The incredible women featured in this Deep Drive, the many other women who work hard every day to make PSTA the Best Agency in the Nation, and the thousands of women working hard to improve transit around the world all are a vital part of a larger mission—improving communities and the planet we live on.


A huge thank you to Heather, Tiara, Gina, and Tameka for sharing their stories and insights. If you’re feeling inspired to start your career in transit, check out our careers page where we list all open positions.


The amazing women of the PSTA HR department poses together

The incredible women of PSTA's Human Resources team.