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Introducing the Real Time Bus Information.

PSTA invites you to experience Real Time Bus Information. The system works with GPS technology and allows PSTA to pinpoint each vehicles exact location at all times. This means we can provide reliable, real-time departure information to passengers.





Real Time Bus Information on Mobile Phone

Take Your Bike Along for the Ride

Bikes on Buses

Whether you use a bike for transportation or recreation, or commute to work, your bike on the bus may be just the ticket.

All it takes is a few minutes with a “how-to” video and some simple bike-loading instructions.

Before Your Bike Enters the Fast Lane, Here's a Few Rules of the Road:

  • Loading and securing the bike onto the rack is the sole responsibility of the cyclist. Bikes may not be locked to the rack.
  • Up to two bicycles bikes can be loaded on the rack. Only single-seat, two-wheel bicycles are allowed. Motor-powered vehicles, bikes smaller than 16", and bikes with covered spokes are not allowed.
  • Folding bikes are allowed on the bus, as long as they are folded and stored out of the aisle.
  • PSTA is not responsible for damage to bicycles bikes or related property, except in the event that PSTA is found to be negligent or at fault in an accident. Theft, damage or, injury while loading and/or unloading are the sole responsibility of the passenger/cyclist, not PSTA.
  • Before you exit, remember to tell the driver that you have a bike on the bus.
  • If the bike rack on your route is full on the last trip of the day, you may bring your bike inside the bus.
Step 1 lowering the rack

Step 1: Lowering the Rack

Always load your bike from the curbside. Lower the rack with one hand.

Step 2 loading your bike

Step 2: Loading Your Bike

Lift the bike into either of the rack's wheel wells. Each position on the rack is labeled for front and rear wheel.

Step 3 securing your bike

Step 3: Securing Your Bike

Lift the support arm up over the front tire. Make sure the support arm is resting on the top of the tire and not on the fender or frame.