Attention Riders: 

Effective Sunday, June 6, 2021, PSTA will return to pre-COVID levels of service.

  • Masks will still be required as mandated by Federal Law
  • Passenger limits on buses will be lifted
  • Riders may resume boarding through the front door

Starting July 5th, PSTA will resume charging fares.


PSTA volverá a ofrecer los mismos servicios que había ofrecido antes de la pandemia.

  • Uso de cubrebocas seguirán siendo obligatorias según lo establecido por la Legislación Federal
  • Se eliminará el límite de pasajeros que pueden subir en los autobuses
  • Los pasajeros podrán volver a acceder por la puerta principal

PSTA reanudará el cobro de tarifas.

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Effective July 5, 2021: PSTA resumed charging fares.

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Below is a list of our most popular fares.

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Introducing the Real Time Bus Information.

PSTA invites you to experience Real Time Bus Information. The system works with GPS technology and allows PSTA to pinpoint each vehicles exact location at all times. This means we can provide reliable, real-time departure information to passengers.





Real Time Bus Information on Mobile Phone

Who keeps buses moving? Frontline women. March marks Women’s History Month, a time for us to come together and celebrate the innovative contributions women have made back in time over the course of history and in the now, in contemporary society.  

Women in transit come from a variety of professional backgrounds, bringing unique perspectives to a male-dominated industry. They are serving as leaders and drivers of change that are transforming the transportation industry now and in the years to come. 

As a salute to women on the frontlines, we’re sharing their inspiring thoughts and advice. With their hard work, heroic efforts, and unwavering dedication – PSTA connects those who need transit most to their destinations. We thank them for showing up and making a difference every day.  

Enjoy insight and thoughts from PSTA’s women on the frontlines in celebration of Women’s History Month: 



“This is a time to think back on all the women and allies who have struggled for women's rights, and to make a commitment to keep fighting until we have a society that honors equality for all."

- Julia, PSTA Bus Operator



“It’s a celebration of women in different capacities and roles that I feel has long been ignored and is now gaining recognition."

 - Yvonne, PSTA Customer Service Representative



“The women that work here – they’re encouraging and a good example. They remind me I can work these hours and still be there for family and a good mother.”

- Melissa, PSTA Bus Operator



“Women can do it all. Women can do anything a man can do, and sometimes we do it better.”

 - Latasha, PSTA Bus Operator